Documents Wanted

I'm looking for the following documents, manuals, books and other publications.


Manual for Leitch UDC-508 digital clock
Manual for Systron-Donner 3520
Manual for Sharp Linytron 13SB50 Television
Documentation for Litek ISA 4008 LED Sign
Manual for Heathkit Darkroom Timer
Manual for ESE Digitime clock
Service Manual for FR-114/U Frequency Counter
  Manual for LSI ADM 5
Manual for Saitek Team-Mate Advanced Trainer
Manual for Kosmos Bio-Clock calculator
Manual for Monroe Monromatic calculator
Manual for BCD-4000 Desktop Video Production
Manual for Monsanto 100C Counter / Timer
Technical documents describing HP-IL


Electric Specialty L-band Antenna
Sanchin FR662B Coastal Navigator
SAMS Photofact 659-4


Manuals for old Equipment
Out-of-Print Books
  Bell Telephone Publications
Hewlett-Packard Publications
Old Magazines and Journals

I'm looking for a manual for a Leitch UDC-508 digital clock.

This Canadian-made clock lights up and keeps good time. The back light illuminates and the analog ring of LEDs functions correctly. The six-digit red LEDs in the center appear to show the proper time, although there were some oddities when first tested. For example, there were periods of time where the tens-of-hours digit showed additional, unwanted lit segments. Oddly, these seemed to fade over time and now it appears to display the correct digit.

I have not tested the remote control nor the time code input.

I'm looking for a manual (user and service) for a Systron Donner 3520 IEEE-488 BUSser.

I'm looking for an Instruction/User Manual for a 13-inch Sharp Linytron television, model number 13SB50. This model was manufactured in the early 1990s.

I'd also like to find a service manual for it.

I need an instruction manual for a Saitek Team-Mate Advanced Trainer Chess Computer.
I have a Litek ISA-4008 LED sign that came out of an A&P supermarket. I have a power supply (LTK-910H) for it but lack the proper cable and any documentation about it.

Does anyone have more technical information on this sign and power supply?

I have an aircraft antenna from Electronic Specialty Company marked as Type LB422, Order QF-79151, Antenna, L-Band. I'm looking for specifications and pattern information.
This is an AM Radio Direction Finding receiver.

I'm looking for user and service manuals, as well as a replacement telescoping antenna.

SAMS Photofact 659-4 covers the Nova-Tech Air-O-Ear 711-WN 4-band VHF receiver.

I'm looking for operating and service manuals for the following:
  • Anaconic Model 390 Digital Multimeter (photo) (more information here)

  • Anadex CF-600 (CF-600R) 15 MHz counter/timer

  • Calectro analog Volt-Ohm Meter, model H3-365

  • California Instruments Cimron DMM 51 Digital Multimeter (photo)

  • Computer Measurement Company Model 607A Universal Counter-Timer

  • Data Precision 1450 multimeter Service Manual (photo)

  • Datum 9200 Time Code Display
  • Datum 9520 Time Display

  • Digicomp DR-70 Astrology Computer

  • Digilin Volt-Ohm-Meter (3-digit Nixie voltmeter)

  • Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) VT-125 Service Manual

  • Eico 1020 Power Supply

  • ECCI BU144 Counter (click here for photos)

  • Eldorado Electrodata Model 225 Counter

  • Electronics Research 930C Thermometer

  • Fidelity Chess Card Challenger

  • Friden Model 130 CRT Calculator User and Service Manuals

  • Global Specialties Corporation 8001 Scope Multiplexer
  • Global Specialties Corporation LM-3 Logic Monitor

  • Grundig 2520U Receiver

  • Hampden H-IEC-A Microprocessor Controller (more information here)

  • Heathkit EF-2
  • Heathkit EK-1 VTVM from Basic Electronics
  • Heathkit ETA-3400 Expansion for ET-3400 trainer (more information here)
  • Heathkit IC-2108 Calculator (photo)
  • Heathkit IC-4802 Computer Oscilloscope
  • Heathkit IM-2202 Digital Multimeter (More Info)
  • Heathkit PT-1500 Darkroom Timer (photo)

  • Hewlett-Packard HP 5201L Counter
  • Hewlett-Packard HP 5323A Automatic Counter
  • Hewlett-Packard HP 5326A Timer-Counter
  • Hewlett-Packard HP 5326B Timer-Counter-DVM
  • Hewlett-Packard HP 5326C Timer-Counter
  • Hewlett-Packard HP 5327C Timer-Counter
  • Hewlett-Packard HP 5332A Preset Controller/Counter (photo)
  • Hewlett-Packard HP 5346A Counter
  • Hewlett-Packard HP 59401A Bus System Analyzer

  • Hewlett-Packard HP 1300A X-Y Display
  • Hewlett-Packard HP 2621B Terminal
  • Hewlett-Packard HP 9895A Disc Drive
  • Hewlett-Packard HP 10783A Numeric Display

  • Any Hewlett-Packard calculator

  • Hickok Model 5055 Power Supply

  • Intersil 5601-C Constant Current Programmer (more here)

  • Itron 650 Frequency Counter (photo)

  • Keithly 600 Digital Multimeter

  • Lafayette Audio Generator Sine/Square Wave, model 99-5014

  • Monroe 1666 Printing Programmable Scientific Calculator

  • Monsanto 100C Counter/Timer (photo)
  • Monsanto 1500A Counter/Timer

  • National Radio Institute (NRI) Model 69 Tube Tester

  • Non-Linear Systems Model 46 Digital Voltmeter
  • Non-Linear Systems R65B Digital Ratiometer (more information here)

  • Pagel Electronics (Reseda, CA) Electronic Counter model 6-VHF-A
    Six-digit Numitron display
    (Click here for more information about Numitrons.)

  • Radio Shack Realistic DX-150 Shortwave Receiver Service Manual (more information here)
  • Radio Shack Realistic DX-380 Receiver Service Manual
  • Radio Shack 1850 Deluxe Table Chess, catalog number 60-2201

  • RCA VP4801 Terminal

  • Simpson 7016 Frequency Counter-Timer

  • Sprague M-3 Motor Capacitor Checker (photo)

  • Systron-Donner model 225 Modem Test Set (photo)
  • Systron-Donner model 8120 Time Code Generator

  • Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 Voice Synthesizer (Catalog number 260-1180)
  • Tandy Radio Shack PRO-53 Patrolman Scanner

  • Teletype Model 43 (photo)

  • Tenma Signal Tracer/Injector model 72-540

  • TM 11-6655-202-15 Detecting Set, Intrusion AN/PSR-1

  • Valley Data Sciences model 160, Logic and Memory Programmer (photo)

  • Weston 1294 Nixie Voltmeter Display Unit

  • Winslow Electronics FR-114/U Frequency Meter (photo)

This is the Heathkit PT-1500 darkroom timer. It seems to work but I don't have the operating instructions so I can't be sure.
I have an early electronic digital desk clock built by ESE Enterprises in El Segundo, California. It's model ES-10 and has the word "Digitime" on the front panel. It's built into a wooden box with a two-prong (no ground) AC cord.

As you might expect, I'm looking for a manual.

The tens-of-seconds digit doesn't light up, but the clock itself appears to keep time. Also, one of the three push buttons on the bottom appears to be missing or broken. So, I expect I'll be needing spare parts as well.

There is a mention of this clock on page 50 of Michael Robbins' book Electronic Clocks and Watches. The caption reads 'A TTL clock with seven segment incandescent display.'

An ESE (E.S. Enterprises) sales brochure from 1973 doesn't show the ES-10, so it's either an earlier product that was discontinued, or it was introduced after 1973. The closest device in the brochure is an ES 112 Digital Clock, which shows hours, minutes and seconds and has three controls (fast advance, slow advance, and hold) for setting the time. ESE also offered a kit version of this clock as well as a twenty-four hour model (the ES 124).

The brochure lists ESE headquarters as 506 Main Street in El Segundo.


I have a FR-114/U frequency counter made by Winslow Electronics.

I'm looking for a service manual for this unit.

I have a Lear Siegler LSI ADM 5 terminal that works fine but I'm looking for a copy of the Service Manual.

I'm also interested in acquiring additional ADM terminals, including the more common ADM 3A.

I have a Kosmos Bio-Clock calculator, which is a desktop clock/calculator combo with the ability to compute biorhythms. I need a manual for it.
I have a Monroe Monromatic electromechanical calculator. It appears to work to some degree, but I'd like to locate a manual or operating guide to figure out what the proper method of multiplication and division might be.
I have a BCD-4000 here, which apparently is made up of an ISA card for a PC and an external box. The card has a three row, 50-pin commector and is silkscreened with a date of 1987. The box has six connectors, a 50-pin male on one end labeled 'Computer', another 50-pin female connector labeled 'Expansion', and four connectors on the side labeled 'Serial', 'Aux. Trig.', 'Video/Audio/Code' and 'Machine Control.'

I don't have any software or documentation for this device.

I believe I found some of the related software here, but I'd certainly be interested in hearing from anyone who has used this device or has software and/or documentation about it.

I have a Monsanto 100C Counter/Timer but I don't have a manual for it.

The Hewlett-Packard Interface Loop (HP-IL) is a early 1980's era data connection method used by some HP calculators and many peripheral devices.

I'm looking for the following technical documents:

  • The HP-IL Interface Specification, HP 82166-90017 (November 1982, about 200 pages)

  • The HP-IL Integrated Circuit, HP 82166-90016 (November 1982, about 100 pages)

I'm looking for the following out-of-print books:

Microprocessor/Memory Applications Briefs, RCA Solid State

A compendium of the most useful CDP1800 Series microprocessor/memory application hints that have appeared in recent issues of the RCA Solid State Newsletter.

MCS-40 User's Manual for Logic Designers, Intel, 1971
From CPU to Software, Intel, 1974

Microcomputer Experimentation with the MOS Technology KIM-1, Lance Leventhal, 1982
The First Book of KIM, Jim Butterfield et al, Hayden Publishing

Microcomputer Experimentation with the AIM 65, Lance Leventhal
AIM 65 Laboratory Manual, Leo J. Scanlon

2100 Computer Microprogramming Software Handbook, Hewlett-Packard, 02100-90133.

TRS-80 Model 100 Assembler / Debugger Manual, 26-3823, Tandy Corporation, 1984

The Apple II Circuit Description, Winston Gayler, 1983, ISBN 067221959X
Understanding the Apple II, James Sather, 1983, ISBN 0912985011
Understanding the Apple IIe, James Sather, 1985, ISBN 0835980197

Cold Cathode Tube Circuit Design, Denis Neale, 1965 (click here for more information on Mr. Neale)
Cold Cathode Glow Discharge Tubes, G. F. Weston
Applications of Neon Lamps and Gas Discharge Tubes, Edward Bauman, 1966
Using and Understanding Miniature Neon Lamps, William G. Miller, 1972

Electronic Counting Circuits, J.B. Dance, 1967

MOS Integrated Circuit Guide, Mostek Corporation, 1974 or 1975
MOS/LSI Databook, National Semiconductor, 1977
Synertek data book, 1979

Inside the HP-41, Jean-Daniel Dodin, 1985

U.S. Nuclear Weapons: The Secret History, Chuck Hansen, 1988, ISBN 0517567407

The Marine Chronometer, Rupert T. Gould

Flying the Turbine Helicopter, Lee Nordan, 1989

The Map that Came to Life, H. J. Deverson, 1967

Quotations From Chairman Morrow, George Morrow, circa 1984
    You can read the text here, but I'd still like to find a physical copy of the pamphlet.

Hewlett-Packard catalogs for the years 1971 and 1974

Binary Arithmetic Subroutines for the CDP1802 COSMAC Microprocessor, RCA
Micromonitor Operating System (MOPS) CDP 18S831 User's Guide, RCA
Instruction Manual for RCA COSMAC Microterminal , RCA

Design Ideas Book for the CDP1802 COSMAC Microprocessor (BMP 802)

H-8 Programming for Beginners, Don Inman, Bob Albrect and Ron Santore, 1980 (Dilithium Press), ISBN 0918398177

Programs and Teletype Procedures, Technical Bulletin 1972-1, by James E. Vaux.

A Causal Mechanism for Gauguelin's Planetary Effect, P.A.H. Seymour, Plymouth, 1986
Correlation of Cycles in Weather, Solar Activity, Geomagnetic Values, and Planetary Configurations, Maxwell Oscar Johnson, 1946
Effect of Sunspot Cycles on Long Distance Radio Signals, Harlan True Stetson, 1947
Cycles in Weather and Solar Activity, Maxwell Oscar Johnson, Paradise of the Pacific Press, 1950
Long warm weather cycle ahead, Hideo Nishioka, International Economic Research Bureau, 1957
Solar activity and planetary positions, J. B. Blizard, July 1969
Application of the method of planetary configurations to active phenomena on the sun, V. S. Prokudina, January 1973
Correlations between Sunspots and Planetary Positions, Norman Z. Alcock, Peace Research, v5n10 (Oct 1973)

I'm interested in finding old publications from Bell Telephone Company.

Bell Laboratories Record

I'm especially interested in finding the June 1950 issue.

Bell Telephone Magazine  

Hewlett-Packard Computer Advances newsletter, any issue
Hewlett-Packard Computer Systems Communicator newsletter, any issue
Hewlett-Packard Informer newsletter, any issue
Hewlett-Packard Journal magazine, any issue from 1968 through 1985
Hewlett-Packard KEYBOARD magazine, any issue
Hewlett-Packard Key Notes newsletter, any issue
Hewlett-Packard Personal Calculator Digest, any issue

An Annotated History of CODORAC: 1953-1958, E. Rechtin, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Report 20-120

Byte, any issue prior to 1981

CoEvolution Quarterly magazine, Issues 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 20, 23 and 27

Creative Computing magazine, any issue prior to 1984

Cryptologia journal, Any issue prior to 1993

Electronics magazine, April 19, 1965

Estes Model Rocket News, any issue from 1960s and 1970s (especially Volume 11 Number 2, June 1971; Why?)

Harper's magazine, August 1953

IEEE Personal Communications, August 1995
IEEE Spectrum, April 1973
IEEE Transactions on Communications COM-30, May 1982
IEEE Transactions on Communications COM-31, 1983

IETE Journal of Research, Volume 27, Issue 12 (1981)

Life magazine, February 14, 1955

People's Computers magazines, any issue

Popular Electronics magazines, January 1975, February 1975, October 1975, May 1976

Popular Science magazine, any issue from 1962 to 1982
    including February 1970.

Radio-Electronics magazine, any issue from 1962 to 1982

Road and Track magazine, July 1988

Science magazine, October 4, 1968

Time Magazine, August 25, 1986 (Why?)

The London Free Press Weekend Magazine, June 26, 1965

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