The Heathkit ET-3400 is a self-contained microprocessor training system based around the Motorola 6800.

Model   CPU   Introduction   Static RAM   Memory
ET-3400   6800   1976   256 bytes   4 chips
ET-3400A   6808   1981   512 bytes   2 chips
ET-3400A   6802   1987   512 bytes   2 chips


In addition to the hardware, Heathkit put together several training courses:

  • Microprocessor Course, EE-3401
  • Microprocessor Interfacing Course, EE-3402
  • Microprocessor Applications Course, EE-3405

There was also an add-on unit called the ETA-3400 Memory I/O Accessory, which added a more comprehensive debug monitor, BASIC language programmability, and a serial port (to attach to a "dumb" terminal).

I am interested in any hardware or documentation for these machines that you might have. If you would like a good home for your old Heathkit microprocessor equipment, please send me an e-mail.

The following are titles and excerpts from manuals related to the ET-3400:

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