This is the first handheld programmable calculator from Texas Instruments.

It is also the first programmable computing device that I owned.

It uses a BP-1 battery pack and an AC-9130 AC adapter.

In digging through some old files I came across a four-page flyer regarding financial software for the SR-52. Click here to see the ad. Please note that the images are somewhat large, so loading may take a bit of time.

This announcement appeared in the November 1975 issue of IEEE Spectrum magazine.

Programmable calculator to have optional output printer

On the market as of October 1975, Texas Instruments' SR-52 - a magnetic-card handheld programmable calculator - will be joined by a printing unit early in 1976.

Introduced at $395, the SR-52 comes to market at just half the price of Hewlett-Packard's HP-65. In addition, the SR-52 can store up to 224 program steps on a single magnetic card. (The HP-65 stores 100 steps.) Twenty independent addressable memory registers permit addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of any displayed quantity with any memory register without affecting the keyboard calculations.

Like TI's other calculator products, the SR-52 features algebraic entry problems to be entered exactly the way they are written. Complex expressions are handled through a three-level heirarchyy combined with nine levels of parentheses.

Ten different decision instructions and five user-set flags allow the user to program segments automatically without interruption.

Other features include ten user-defined keys and 72 user-defined labels. While any portion of a program may be called by an absolute address number, these keys and labels permit prompt and unique identification and callout of any pertinent program segment. Indirect addressing, decrement-and-skip on zero, and two levels of subroutines provide additional programming flexibility.

With the SR-52's 23 preprogrammed key functions, trig and logs, powers and roots, factorials, reciprocals, three conversions, and pi are exercised from the keyboard.

In addition to an operating guide and owner's manual, the SR-52 package includes a card case, diagnostic programs for testing the SR-52, head cleaner, and a library of prerecorded programs on magnetic cards. Using prerecorded programs can significantly shorten calculation time. With a prerecorded card, the SR-52 may be tailored to perform highly specialized functions. For example, from the Basic Library, the SR-52 can be preprogrammed to solve many types of problems such as quadratic equations, hyperbolic functions, permutations and combinations, means and moments, trend line analysis, compound interest and annuity.

Contact Texas Instruments, Inc., P.O. Box 5012, M/S 84, Dallas, Tex. 75222


This two-page advertisement appeared in the October 1975 issue of IEEE Spectrum magazine.

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Texas Instruments published a troubleshooting guide for the SR-52 and SR-52A calculators.

You can read that document in PDF here.

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