Many years ago Motorola manufactured a one-bit CPU, the 14500, that was about as simple as you can get and still have a processor.

I am interested in acquiring documentation, parts, and any other hardware related to the 14500 processor, especially any instructions specific to the DS 14500A ICU Demonstration Unit.

I did manage to find a development/demo kit that Motorola produced for the MC14500B (the DS14500A Industrial Control Unit Demonstration System).

The MC14500 B industrial control unit (ICU) is a single bit CMOS processor. The ICU is designed for use in systems reqiring decisions based on successive single bit information. An external ROM stores the control program. With a program counter (and output latches and input multiplexers, if required) the ICU in a system forms a stored program controller that replaces combinatorial logic. Applications include relay logic processing, serial data manipulation and control. The ICU also may control an MPU or be controlled by an MPU.

  • 16 instructions
  • DC to 1.0 MHz operation at VDD = 5 V
  • On chip clock (oscillator)
  • Executes one instruction per clock cycle
  • 3 V to 18 V operation
  • 16 pins, DIP (14500 BCP) and CERDIP (14500 BCL)

MC14500B ICU Handbook (5MB PDF)



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Last updated January 16, 2010