I am interested in acquiring and preserving the HP 9830 and associated peripherals, manuals and other documentation, including the hardware to use the HP 9880 mass storage system (HP 11273B Plug in ROM block, HP 11305A Controller, HP 9867A and/or HP 9867B Disc Drive Memory, and HP 12869A Cartridges).
If you have any of this equipment or know where to find it, please send me an e-mail.

The HP 9800 Model 30 (HP 9830A) was introduced in 1972. It came with built-in BASIC language and 4K bytes of RAM. It had a full keyboard, 32-character LED display (alphanumeric) and a cartridge tape drive.

Later, mass storage was available via the HP 9800 Mass Memory Subsystem.

The following four pages are scans of a technical data sales brochure from May of 1974.

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[Medium]   [Large]

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The 9830 is programmed in the BASIC language.

Click here to see the source code for a lunar lander program.

This advertisement appeared in the June 1975 issue of IEEE Spectrum magazine.

Does anyone have a copy of the 12-page brochure mentioned here, HP Calculator-Aided Design: Computing Power for Engineers in Electronics?

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