The SP-352 is a two-digit planar-gas-discharge ("Panaplex") display by Beckman (formerly Sperry Information Display Division).

I'm looking for two spare displays, to replace flickering displays in a Heathkit GC-1005 alarm clock. The flickering occurs most often when the digit 1 (fewest segments lit) is displayed.

These displays were capable of being driven by another Beckman product series, either a DD-700 or DD-702 integrated circuit. You can read more information about them here.

If anyone has a spare display or two, please drop me a line.

The SP-352 displays appear to decay over time, as I've tried to illustrate below.

The display on the left was in use, on and off, for about 25 years. You can see a layer of metal has been deposited (sputtered) adjacent to the display segments.

The display on the right is relatively new, with fairly clean display segments.


I did manage to locate part of a display board.

It is also used in a Leeds & Northrup board I'd like to identify. You can read more about it here.


These scans are taken from a 1974 Beckman catalog.

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Burroughs Application Notes, Bulletin No. P 101, Panaplex Numeric Panel Display Theory of Operation.

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