The following are magazines in my collection from the Radio Corporation of America. They run from 1975 through 1982, with many gaps.

I've scanned some articles of interest, including several related to the RCA CDP1802 microprocessor.

From RCA Engineer v22n5, February/March 1977:

The RCA microprocessor program represents a success story; it was started in the RCA Laboratories in 1971, nurtured by the Solid State Technology Center through 1973 and 1974, and transferred to the Solid State Division in early 1975. It has now expanded to a full line of large-scale integrated circuits, complete with support hardware and software. The Solid State Division is solidly behind the microprocessor program, with strong continuing support from the Laboratories and the Solid State Technology Center.


1978 November/December Nipper, RCA Home Computer
1980 August/September TIROS
1982 June/July Auroras


1973 Aug/Sep v19n2 Corporate Engineering Conference
  Oct/Nov n19n3 Global Communications
1974 Feb/Mar v19n5 Command, Control, Communications
Simplifying Microcomputer Architecture, J. Weisbecker
1975 Jun/Jul v21n1 20th Anniversary Issue
  Oct/Nov v21n3 COSMAC - A Microprocessor for Minimum Cost Systems, N.P. Swales and J. Weisbecker
  Dec/Jan v21n4 Product Design
1976 Apr/May v21n6 NBC Television Central
Weather Satellite Ground Station, L.H. Follet, Jr.
  Jun/Jul v22n1 RCA Satcom System
  Aug/Sep v22n2 Automotive Electronics
  Oct/Nov v22n3 Recorded Sound
  Dec/Jan v22n4 Electro-Optics
1977 Feb/Mar v22n5 Microprocessors

Getting Involved With Microprocessors, J.C. Phillips

Getting Your Hands on COSMAC Hardware, W.D. Lauffer

The CDP1802: A Powerful 8-bit CMOS Microprocessor, A.W. Young

COSMAC Support Literature: Keeping Users Informed, C.A. Meyer

COSMAC Resident Software Development Aids, L.A. Solomon
Studio II - Using COSMAC in a Home Entertainment Product, J.D. Callaghan, W.M. Stobbe, W.M. Stonaker

  Apr/May v22n6 Building a Homemade Solar Energy Collector, D.A. Kramer
The AN/GVS-5 Hand-Held Laser Rangefinder, J.H. Woodward
  Jun/Jul v23n1 The ATMAC Microprocessor, A.D. Feigenbaum, W.A. Helbig, S.E. Ozga
U.S. Color Television Fundamentals - A Review, D.H. Pritchard
Development of the American Patent System, B.E. Morris
  Aug/Sep v23n2 Hybrid Technology
  Oct/Nov v23n3 Advanced Communications
A Single-Wire Alarm System Using the COSMAC Microtutor, T.F. Lenihan

Digital Processing of Music for Satellite Communication, E.S. Rogers and R.J. Klensch
Military Communications - Review and Survey, J.L. Santoro and J.B. Howe

  Dec/Jan v23n4 Advanced Communications
1978 Feb/Mar v23n5 Radar
  Apr/May v23n6 Do It In Software
Programming in CHIP-8, H. Kleinberg
  Jun/Jul v24n1 Silicon-on-Sapphire (SOS), B.V. Vonderschmitt
  Aug/Sep v24n2 Space Technology
  Oct/Nov v24n3 Missile Test Project
A Microprocessor-Controlled AM/FM Automobile Radio, K. Karstad
  Dec/Jan v24n4 Manufacturing Engineering

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