I acquired this equipment and am looking for the appropriate documentation and references as I work to restore it to operating condition. If you have similar (or identical) equipment, or software and manuals, send me an e-mail!

  This is the machine.

I am told it was used to run an auto parts store many years ago. It was recovered from a dry but unheated/uncooled storage unit.

The cabinet is labeled "DECSTATION 88" on the front. There is an RX02 dual floppy disk drive mounted above the CPU.

The front panel contains three lights ("BATTERY CHARGING", "RUN" and "POWER") and three switches ("BOOT", "PANEL LOCK" and "ON/OFF") and is connected to the CPU via a ribbon cable with a DIP connector.

(The terminal on top is a Soroc IQ-120, but wasn't part of the original system.)

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  A closer view of the front of the machine.

There are two front panels (one blank, one with the lights and switches mentioned above) that were removed when the machine was put in storage.

I did recover the panels as well.

There are two ribbon cables coming out of the bottom left front of the CPU cage. One goes to the front panel via a DIP connector. The other has an in-line header -- what would it connect to?

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  There are what appear to be four boards at the top of the CPU cage.

There are five boards at the bottom of the CPU cage. Each of them are labeled M8655, which references to a KL8-JA Serial Interface.

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  This is at the bottom left front of the CPU.

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