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From Creative Computing magazine, Jan/Feb 1977:
The "Intercept Jr." is a completely assembled microcomputer on a board built around the 6100 MPU (PDP-8 on a chip). It is billed as a "tutorial trainer which, with its detailed owners handbook, teaches the basics of microprocessors, Random Access Memories (RAMs), Read Only Memories (ROMs) and input/output interfacing, all in less than 8 hours." It is battery-operated (4 "D" cells), has a 9-key pad, 8-digit LED display, 2k x 12 bit PROM and serial I/O interface (with both RS-232 and 20 ma current loop capabilities). Very complete instruction book. Basic board with CPU $281.00, 1024-word RAM $145.00, PROM module $74.65, I/O module $81.70. Put 'em all in a case and you've got a PDP-8 for peanuts. Literature free.

Intersil, 10900 North Tantau Ave., Cupertino, CA 95014.

This advertisement appeared in the September 1976 issue of Popular Electronics magazine.

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