I am interested in acquiring and preserving the HP 9815 and associated peripherals, manuals and other documentation.
If you have any of this equipment or know where to find it, please send me an e-mail.

The HP 9815 programmable calculator was introduced in 1975. It uses a 16-digit Panaplex display, a thermal printer and a tape cartridge for data storage.

From the 1976 Hewlett-Packard catalog, where the 9815A first appears:

The 9815 has five interface cards. The HP 98131A is a 9871A Page-Width Printer Interface Card. The HP 98132A is an interface card for the 9862A Plotter. The HP 98133A BCD I/O requires 8-digit BCD input with high speed mode and 8-bit parallel output. The HP 98134A general I/O is a bidirectional 8-bit parallel interface which enables you to connect to the 9800 Series calculator peripherals. The HP 98135A HP-IB I/O will accept up to 14 HP-IB interconnected instruments. Once you have set up your system, the 9815 can be used to control the data flow to and from your instruments while gathering and processing the data.

The following advertisement appeared in the November 1975 issue of IEEE Spectrum magazine.

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