I have a Simplex wall clock, originally a "slave" clock kept in time from a master clock.

The perpetual question for these type of clocks is how to set them correctly in order to use them as a standard clock.

From a Simplex catalog:
Synchronous Wired Correction Protocol for Simplex™ 2310-9200 & 6310-9200 Series

120vac or 24vac is used to operate the clocks normally. Applying an eight second command signal on the corrective line from 57 minutes, 54 seconds to 58 minutes, 02 seconds will cause an hourly correction. Application of a command on the corrective line from 5:58:02 through 5:58:08 in addition to the hourly correction will result in a twelve hour correction.

From a web posting:

I have a simplex out in my shed runs great took me a while to figure out how to set the thing

It has 4 wires normal black red green + another power wire had it running could not adjust it. Finally hooked up the other power wire and when the second hand reaches 10 to the hour flick the switch and let it go at 12 and it pickes up the hour hand and moves it to the 59 minute mark. hope this helps.


Simplex 12-hour wall clock with sweep second hand.
Simple drive motor, currently wired to a two-prong AC plug.

Pull-in solenoid has common tied to the AC but the drive lead is unconnected.

Motor driven by AC.

Does anyone know the minimum drive characteristics for the separate pull-in solenoid?

Synchron motor, driven by 120 volt, 60 cycle AC power.

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