Glow lamps are small neon lamps. These cold-cathode, gas-discharge devices operate by passing electric current through low pressure neon gas. This ionizes the gas and generates photons.

The characteristics of glow lamps make them useful for other purposes besides light.

If anyone has a good source for NE-97 neon glow lamps (4AC type), please send me an e-mail.

The following pages are scanned from the GE Glow Lamp Manual, 2nd Edition, dated 1965.

A Glow Lamp Ring Counter

A glow lamp ring counter capable of counting at rates up to several hundred pulses per second was first reported by Manley and Buckley. A modified version of this ring counter is shown in Figure 3.26 for a count-of-six counter. Any even number may be counted by adding additional pairs of glow lamp-semiconductor diode combinations.

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(Pages 61 and 62)

Memory Circuits

The properties of the glow lamp make it a very suitable device for several different types of storage or memory circuits. One such memory circuit is shown in Figure 3.28.

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(Pages 63 and 64)

Memory Circuit (con't)

Another type of memory circuit which is becoming quite popular employs a glow lamp in conjunction with a photoconductor or other type of photosensitive device. The photoconductor has a decreasing resistance as the incident illumination is increased. Figure 3.29 shows one manner in which a glow lamp and photoconductor may be used as a memory circuit.

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(Pages 65 and 66)


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