Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) built a "Computer Lab" device in the late 1960s. This training device was intended to teach basic principles of computer operation.

DescriptionModel Number
COMPUTER LAB, "916" Patchcord Assortment,
and COMPUTER LAB Workbook
Bundle of Taper-Pin Patchcords (107 of assorted lengths) 916

I am interested in acquiring and preserving old computer devices, including the DEC Computer Laboratory. I am also interested in related manuals and documentation. If you have any of this equipment collecting dust somewhere, please send me an e-mail!

From the Computer Lab Workbook, published by DEC in 1968:


Digital Equipment Corporation has had extensive experience in computer education, with over half of its 3000 installed PDP computers in educational institutions. DIGITAL found a need for a training device to teach basic computer concepts and so developed the COMPUTER LAB, a classroom laboratory for teaching digital logic and computer fundamentals.

The COMPUTER LAB is a complete educational package for teaching the fundamental concepts underlying the theory and operation of all digital computers. In clear experiment-lessons, the student is given step-by-step instructions in digital logic principles. After mastering the basic material presented in the COMPUTER LAB course, the student can progress easily through advanced study into many of the computer-related disciplines. The digital logic fundamentals presented in the course constitute the basic knowledge a student neeeds to build a career as a computer technician or electronics engineer. A programmer, if he is to use a computer to its fullest potential, must also be thoroughly familiar with a computer's basic operating principles.

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