I am interested in acquiring and preserving these early computers and associated peripherals, manuals and other documentation.
If you have any of this equipment or know where to find it, please send me an e-mail.

The following advertisement appeared in the May 1982 issue of Radio-Electronics magazine.

Casio is now making a personal computer

Casio Inc. has added to its line a new sophisticated personal desktop computer, which can be expanded up to 32K bytes of Random-Access Memory (RAM). A unique feature is the 4K CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) RAM cartridges, on which programs can be solved for quick access for up to three years.

A high-resolution graphic function can express various tables, patterns, and graphs, thus simplifying analysis of experimental results or business data. Hard copies can be obtained with an optional graphic printer.

Powerful mathematical functions include standard deviation, regression analysis, and correlation coefficient.

The system uses high-level, semi-compiled, problem-solving basic language, CBASIC. An easily understood grammer and versatile command group make it easy to master.

Suggested list price for the Casio FX9000P is $1,199. Numerous options are also available for the computer.

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