Calculators Needing Repair

I have a number of calculators that are in need of repair and/or additional parts in order to restore them to operating condition. In a few of the more hopeless cases the machine may be useful as a source of spare parts.

I've begun to list the machines and the problem(s) they exhibit.

Suggestions for repair, pointers to sources of parts, service manuals and instructions, and even spare machines are all welcome.

Feel free to contact me via e-mail at

  • Burroughs C6451
    Red Panaplex display problem
    Two missing buttons

  • HP 9100A
    The calculator operates but produces the wrong answers. I suspect a problem with the diode logic, since swapping each of the plug-in boards doesn't fix the problem.

  • HP 9830A
    Fan runs and cassette drive light illuminates, but no display.
    I really need a Service Manual for this machine.

  • HP 9830B
    Appears to need a power supply fix.
    I really need a Service Manual for this machine.

  • Olympia CD 350
    Panaplex display problem (few right-most digits unclear)

  • Rockwell 960
    Printer runs continuously Display intermittent

  • Rockwell 960
    No display

  • HP 29C
    Missing one battery connector (looks like it might have been broken off). I also need a battery pack.

  • HP 41CX
    Corroded battery connector (4 copper pads)

  • HP 41CX
    Slightly corroded battery connector (4 copper pads) but even after cleaning the unit does not operate.

  • Kings Point SC-6010
    I need an AC adapter for this, and probably a new battery as well

  • Melcor 650
    Needs a new battery

  • Sharp Elsi-Mate EL-8010
    Needs a new rechargeable battery EA-10B and AC charger EA-10C

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Last updated January 15, 2003