Fairchild Clipper OPUS 300 PM

I recently acquired an OPUS 300PM. It appears to be a Fairchild Clipper computer on an ISA card. I have absolutely no documentation or software for this card, but would love some!

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On the edge of the front side of the card there are eight DIP switches (next to a pair of can oscillators) and several jumper blocks.

On the backside of the card are mounted two daughter boards. The larger board contains 72 (18 x 4) TC511001J-12 chips, which are Toshiba's 1 meg by 1 DRAM.

The second, smaller daughter board is silkscreened CLIPPER and FAIRCHILD with a part number of AM76400AAAL.01-D. There are three large chips on the top side, two of which are stamped:


The other is stamped:


Any information, software, and/or leads on where to find out more about this board are very much welcome!


Will Jennings was kind enough to send this:

Indeed, the Opus PM 300 is essentially a Clipper chip on an ISA board.. FYI, the Clipper processor is technically all 3 of those chips on the daughter board, so calling it the Clipper "chip" is slightly innacurate, but hey. Unfortunately, I don't know a lot about the thing, other than that OPUS made several different plug-in boards like that, I know they made one with the NS 32016, one with the 32032, and I've seen one with a SPARC too.. The purpose of these boards is to run *NIX on a PC.. Don't remember what flavor *NIX it was, either... Also, the PM stands for "Personal Mainframe". Check old BYTE magazines for ads.

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Updated February 4, 2002